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Bluetooth Reader JDBD-4B & JDBC-7 Bluetooth Reader JDBD-4B & JDBC-7 Bluetooth Reader JDBD-4B & JDBC-7

Product Name:Bluetooth Reader JDBD-4B & JDBC-7

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    Bluetooth reader JDBD-4B & JDBC-7  are high-tech fruit of optical excitation, CDMA, dormancy awakening and CPU auto recognition. It is  a very  effective and efficient wireless communication with good performance  of  fast speed, long  distance  and wide directivity. The reading distance 1~20 meters is adjustable to meet specific applications. Mostly, it is used in  parking  management  systems, the cars are not necessary to stop when reading card.

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1. Employ high-performance microprocessor.
2. Adopt most advanced dynamic encryption technology and users are able to apply different password combinations.
3. Infrared ray positioning, 433MHZ supper high frequency data transmission, extremely strong directivity.
4. Reading signal is able to penetrate through cars’ protective film. Auto read card when cards are fixed onto internal windshield.
5. Able to set different readers’ address codes, no interference among different readers
6. Fast reading speed and reading distance 1~20 meters adjustable
7. Reliable and maintenance free
8. Wide application range


Parking management system
Access control system
Production process control


 Working Mode  optical excitation location, CDMA bluetooth  communication, dormancy awakening
 Power Supply DC12V~18V, 4A
 Adaptor AC110~220V/DC+12V
 Bluetooth Power 12W
Working Frequency  433MHZ
 Infrared Frequency 38KHZ
Max Reading Area 80 degree conical area
Reading Distance  20 meters
Tag Protocol CDMA
Communication Interface Weigand 26/34/ 42
Storage Temperature  -45ºC~+95ºC
Working Temperature    -30ºC~+75ºC
Weight 3 kgs
Dimension 243*236*450mm


Bluetooth battery reader  design design


Bluetooth access reader JDBC-4B

Bluetooth low energy reader JDBD-7



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