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Bluetooth Access Cards JDBD-6 & JDBD-7 Bluetooth Access Cards JDBD-6 & JDBD-7

Product Name:Bluetooth Access Cards JDBD-6 & JDBD-7

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    Bluetooth access cards JDBD-6 & JDBD-7 are frequently used for parking lots, expressways, and other long-range identification areas because they provide dependable rapid and long-distance signal transmission, allowing cars to travel through these locations without stopping.

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Bluetooth Access Cards  Features

1. Fast transimission speed, long transimission distance
2. Transmission signal is able to penetrate through all protective films
3. The 60-degree conical effective reading area
4. Battery life cycle is up to 50,000 times or 5 years, easy to change the battery.
5. Easy to use and free of maintenance

Bluetooth Access Cards Applications

Parking management system
Access control system
Production process control


Item   JDBD-6  JDBD-7
  Transimission Distance 1-25M
  Fixed Information Storage  ISM902~928MHz, ISM865~868MHz
  Working Mode  1 Kbit
  Random Access Memory  1 Kbit
  Code Storage  1Kbit
  Battery CR324D button battery
  Battery Life Cycle  50,000  times (handheld)
  Working Mode  real-time read/write (CDMA module)
  Working Mode  66*47*7mm


The design


Bluetooth Access Cards


Bluetooth Access Card

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