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What is a swing gate optical turnstile?

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What is a swing gate optical turnstile?

A swing gate optical turnstile, the standard touchless turnstile, uses internal infrared technology in conjunction with a physical barrier to adding extra security against unauthorized access. Several swing turnstiles can be set up next to or far apart from one another as necessary. This offers flexibility and enables disability accessibility.

How to determine how many swing gate turnstiles you need?

It’s critical to determine the appropriate number of swing gate optical turnstiles for specific projects because they must be fixed in pairs to function. The quantity of pedestrian traffic and accessibility for the impaired are also crucial factors to take into account. Take swing gate turnstile JDBZ-24 as an example, which includes the single-wing type and dual-wing type. A single-lane pass requires two single-wing types, and a two-lane passage requires two single-wing types fixed on both sides of a dual-wing type JDBZ-24. Furthermore, such contactless turnstile provides wide lanes up to 900mm wide for handicapped access.

Can optical swing gate turnstile be integrated with 3rd party access control systems?
Yes, it is compatible with a wide variety of access control systems by dry contact. Card pass, fingerprint/handprint reader, face recognition, barcode reader, thermal camera, and token applications can integrate with such access control turnstiles.

What will happen when the power is off and in an emergency situation?
Optical swing gate turnstile instantly automatically unlocks for free passage under emergency situations (power outages, fire, etc)

Can swing gate optical turnstiles be used indoors and outdoors?
Yes, it is made for indoor or outdoor situations. For all outdoor applications, we use 304 stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

Does it give access to ADA pedestrians?
Yes, it provides wide lanes up to 900mm for those with disabilities to allow for wheelchairs.