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What is optical swing gate turnstile?

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What is optical swing gate turnstile?
Optical swing gate turnstile, a typical touchless turnstile, utilizes the internal infrared technology coupled with a physical barrier to provide added security against unwanted entry. Swing gate optical turnstile cabinets can be installed as close to or as far apart from each other as needed. This provides flexibility and allows lanes to be handicap accessible.

How does optical swing gate turnstile work?
Optical swing gate turnstile, functions by fixing in pairs, by which it is important to choose the right number of these turnstiles for specific projects. Meanwhile, considering the quantity for pedestrian traffic and for access for the disabled is also very important. Take swing gate turnstile JDBZ-25 as example, which include single-wing type and dual-wing type. 2 single-wing type are required for a single-lane pass, and a 2-lane passage includes 2 singe-wing type JDBZ-25 fixed on each side of a dual-wing type JDBZ-25. In addition, most of our touchless turnstiles provide wide lane up to 900mm width for disabled access.

Can optical swing gate turnstile be integrated with 3rd party access control systems ?
Off course, optical swing gate turnstile is comptiable with a wide variety of access control systems by dry contact. Card pass, fingerprint / handprint reader, face recognition, barcode reader, thermal camera and token applications can integrate with such access control turnstiles.

What will happen when power  off and in emergency situation?
Optical swing gate turnstile instantly automatically unlocks for free passage under emergency situations (power outages, fire, etc)

Can optical swing gate turnstile be used indoor and outdoor?
Off course, optical swing gate turnstile is made for indoor or outdoor situations. For all outdoor applications, we use 304 stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

Does optical swing gate turnstile give access to ADA pedestrians?
Yes, optical swing gate turnstile provides wide lane up to 900mm for the disabilities to allow for wheelchairs.