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What is a flap barrier turnstile?

Flap Barrier Turnstile

What is a flap barrier turnstile?

Flap barrier turnstile, also called flap turnstile gate, is an effective pedestrian access control solution for applications requiring ultra-high-speed access and medium levels of security, coming with infrared sensors to detect the passage and offering single directional or bi-directional access. To indicate lane directions, green and red LED lights are provided. Red lights indicate no passage in that direction, whereas green lights indicate transit from that direction.

What is a flap barrier turnstile used for?

A flap barrier turnstile is the ideal method of managing crowds while restricting entry to restricted areas and boosting perimeter security. To manage the flow of people entering and exiting secured locations, we provide high-quality flap turnstile gates in a variety of styles. They are used to improve user comfort and make entry control management simpler for security professionals. Both indoors and outdoors are accessible by the security turnstiles.

The benefits of flap barrier  turnstile
1. Lessen the spread of viruses: Because they are touchless, utilizing them greatly reduces the need to touch the turnstiles and effectively prevents cross-contamination in heavily used areas.
2. Increases entrance security: The hands-free operation of the flap barrier turnstile helps to prevent cross-contamination while ensuring entrance security. They receive optical beams to detect passage and physical barriers made of glass, metal, and other corresponding materials to block passage.
3. Boost throughput efficiency: they are effective in preventing traffic jams, confusion, and, ultimately, inefficient entryways because they give the transit speed rate.

Can it be integrated with 3rd party access control system?
Yes, it is compatible with a wide variety of access control systems by dry contact. Card pass, fingerprint/handprint reader, face recognition, barcode reader, thermal camera, and token applications can integrate with such access control turnstiles.

What will happen when the power is off and in an emergency situation?
It instantly automatically unlocks for free passage under emergency situations (power outages, fire, etc)

Can it be used indoors and outdoors?
Yes, it is made for indoor or outdoor situations. For outdoor applications, there should be shelter above.

Can it be operated manually or remotely?
It is operated by the user at the turnstile. You can have a person who monitors the security turnstile from the surveillance terminal.