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What is an optical speed gate turnstile?

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What is an optical speed gate turnstile?
Optical speed gate turnstile, an upgraded touchless swing turnstile, is a security turnstile or handicap turnstile which provides contactless operation, using optical beam detection and motorized opening/closing to fully automate the entry process. With motorized barriers, the access control turnstiles do not need user to contact when opening and closing. Integrated with temperature check, facial recognition, proximity scanners, or other access control solutions, it can achieve fully touchless functionality.

How does optical speed gate turnstile work?
Optical speed gate turnstile, as a touchless turnstile, functions by fixing in pairs, by which it is important to choose the right number of these turnstiles for specific projects. Meanwhile, considering the quantity for pedestrian traffic and for access for the disabled is also very important. Take speed turnstile JDSG-27 as example, which include single-wing type and dual-wing type. 2 single-wing type are required for a single-lane pass, and a 2-lane passage includes 2 singe-wing type JDSG-27 fixed on each side of a dual-wing type JDSG-27. In addition, most of our touchless turnstiles provide wide lane up to 900mm width for disabled access.

What are the differences between optical speed turnstile gate and swing turnstile gate?
Chassis design: optical speed turnstile gate comes with slim and modern-look with chassis width ranging 100-180mm and the length is about 1400mm, and the swing arm are made from the pendulum plexiglass or tempered glass.While swing turnstile gate is designed with wider chasiss, and the width of the chassis is generally about 280mm and the length is 420~1400mm, and the swing arms are made from pendulum plexiglass glass or #304 stainless sheet.
Traffic speed: The opening time of speed turnstile gate is 0.3 seconds / per time, 30~45 person / minute can pass, and the speed can be adjustable, providing faster access than swing gate turnstile. Speed turnstile gates come with memory funciton, by which the users can swip cards continously and access contiously. While the opening time of swing turnstile gate is slower and traffic speed is around 20~25 person / minute, and they comes without memory function, so only one user to be allowed to pass each time
Drive way: The speed turnstile gate movement adopts directly driven way, combining a clutch with an encoder. Because of the high motor transmission efficiency , namely the large transsision coefficient, and the effective power of the motor can be transmitted to the swing arm to the maximum extent. When a suddent external force acts on the swing arm, and the swing arm deviates from the zero position, the solenoid valve immediately locks the gate to eliminate the external force, and the encoder acts to direct the swing arm to return to the zero position. In event of an unauthorized access, the clutch will immediately lock the gate.While, the swing turnstile gate movement adopts sliding friction, the priciple of four-wheels-four-grooves, with lower transimission efficiency . The wheel and groove are positioned at 90°. Each time the swing arm swings, the groove wheel will side and rub once. The positioning is also positioned by a fixed mechanism. In case of external force, if the anti-collion device is not installed, it will directly hit the movement or the swing arm, by which the swing arm will deviate from the middle zero position, and the 2 sides will not be aligned or synchoronized. In the worse case, the movement will not work properly and the swing arm will bend. Illegal intrusion can only give an alarm and can not be locked.
Limiting way: swing turnstile gates use proximity swithches or optocoupler signals, with large contact area and inaccurate limits. Speed turnstile gates use encoders to limit the position, which can be accurate to 1°

Can optical speed gate turnstile be integrated with 3rd party access control systems ?
Off course,  optical speed gate turnstile is comptiable with a wide variety of access control systems by dry contact. Card pass, fingerprint / handprint reader, face recognition, barcode reader, thermal camera and token applications can integrate with such access control turnstiles.

What will happen when power  off and in emergency situation?
Optical speed gate turnstile instantly automatically unlocks for free passage under emergency situations (power outages, fire, etc)

Can optical speed gate turnstile be used indoor and outdoor?
Off course, optical speed gate turnstile is made for indoor or outdoor situations. For all outdoor applications, we use 304 stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

Does speed motorized turnstile gate give access to ADA pedestrians?
Yes, speed motorized turnstile gate provides wide lane up to 900mm for the disabilities to allow for wheelchairs.