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What is an automatic rising bollard?


Automatic Rising Bollard - Hydraulic Rising Bollard- Vehicle Security Bollard

What is an automatic rising bollard?
Automatic rising bollard, also called electric retractable driveway bollard or automatic retractabler security bollard,  is vertical electric post for controlling or directing vehicles, preventing access to unauthorised vehicles by rising and collapsing automatically when integrated with sensors or traffic management systems. It is designed to withstand a high usage and physical impact, whilst still maintaining the unobtrusive aesthetic to fit in with local surroundings, it is an ideal vehicle access control solution for critical areas, such as military sites, airports, embassies, consulates, banks, marine zones, prisons, and industrial etc, where there is a requirement for high-security levels in terms of perimeter protection. Electric retractable driveway bollard consists of a flanged cylinder providing a casing to the rising bollard, an electronic control box and a motor pump unit. The housing cylinder, to be inserted into a foundation tube cemented into the ground and is firmly secured to the foundation with anchor flanges. Suitable openings in the lower and middle sections of the bollard are provided both to drain possible water residues that may gather inside and for cables access into the bollard for the electrical connections. Inside the location cylinder is the rising bollard which can be activated by a range of control devices,such as radio transmitters or keyswitch through the main control box, to the raised or fully lowered positions.

How does an automatic rising bollard works?
In general, automatic rising bollard is controlled remotely from a security post by means electronic, hydraulic or pneumatic motors to rise up to their full height from ground level when blocking the passage, or lower down completely to release the passage for free access to vehicles. Integrated with access control systems and managed by using remote control systems or remote switches from the security post of a facility, the automatic rising bollard is activated using proximity cards, audio intercom, radio transmitters, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) or a simple button controller. Automatic retractable traffic bollard can be controlled by any type of access control systems, such as swipe or proximity cards, audio intercom, radio transmitters, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) or a simple button controller. Some automatic bollards can also be fitted with induction loops and traffic signals for additional safety.

Automatic rising bollard types
1. Pneumatic electric retractable driveway bollard: air is used as the driving medium to drive the rise and fall of the column through the external pneumatic power unit
2. Hydraulic electric retractable driveway bollard: hydraulic oil is used as the driving medium. There are two control modes, i.e. driving the cylinder up and down through an external hydraulic power unit (the driving part is separated from the cylinder) or a built-in hydraulic power unit (the driving part is placed in the cylinder).
3. Electromechanical electric retractable driveway bollard: the lifting of the bollards is driven by the motor built in the bollard.

The advantages of automatic rising bollard
1. endure high impact and effectively guide traffic and protect against unwanted access
2. 100% duty rating – automatic bollard is designed for continuous and frequent use.
3. combines appealing aesthetics with the highest level of perimeter control
4. the operation can be signaled by LEDS on the obstacle, a buzzer, traffic lights or a synchronization with a rising barrier
5. can be activated by any access control system or signalling device
6. in case of power failure, the obstacle can be lowered by a manual operation directly on the hydraulic pump
7. high number of cycles and low power consumption
8. crash-rated security bollard with integrated hydraulic pump for ease of installation, increased reliabilty

Applications of automatic rising bollard
Pedestrian zones
lanes for buses and taxis
Access roads to areas (industry and commerce)
Inner courtyards with delivery traffic
Stations, stadiums, post offices, shopping centres
Embassies, airports, high profile buildings

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