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What is an automatic rising bollard?


Automatic Rising Bollard

What is an automatic rising bollard?

An automatic rising bollard, also known as an electric retractable driveway bollard, rises and collapses automatically to regulate or guide cars and prohibit access to unauthorized vehicles when combined with sensors or traffic management systems. As an ideal vehicle access control solution for critical areas, such as military sites, airports, embassies, consulates, banks, marine zones, prisons, and industrial and where there is a requirement for high-security levels in terms of perimeter protection, it is designed to withstand heavy usage and physical impact while still maintaining the unobtrusive aesthetic to blend in with local surroundings. An electronic control box, a motor pump unit, and a flanged cylinder that provides a casing for the rising bollard make up an electric retractable automatic bollard. The housing cylinder is firmly fastened to the foundation using anchor flanges after being put into a foundation tube that has been poured into the ground. For cable access to the bollard for the electrical connections as well as to drain any potential water residues that may collect inside, suitable apertures are provided in the lower and center sections of the bollard. The rising bollard is located inside the location cylinder and can be raised or completely lowered using a variety of control mechanisms, such as radio transmitters or key switches through the main control box.

How does an automatic rising bollard work?
An automatic rising bollard, which often uses electronic, hydraulic, or pneumatic motors to raise to their full height from the ground while obstructing the entrance or totally lower to open the channel for unrestricted access for vehicles, is controlled remotely from a security post. The automatic rising bollard, which is integrated with access control systems and controlled by remote control systems or remote switches from a facility’s security post, is triggered by proximity cards, audio intercom, radio transmitters, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), or a simple button controller. Any sort of access control system, including swipe or proximity cards, audio intercom, radio transmitters, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), or a straightforward button controller, can operate these automatic retractable bollards. Some automatic bollards can also be fitted with induction loops and traffic signals for additional safety. For added security, such automatic bollards can be equipped with induction loops and traffic signals.

The types of automatic rising bollards
1. Pneumatic electric retractable driveway bollard: air is used as the driving medium to control the column’s rise and fall.
2. Hydraulic electric retractable driveway bollard: The driving medium is hydraulic oil. There are two control options: driving the cylinder up and down using an external hydraulic power unit (the driving component is situated outside the cylinder) or driving it up and down using an internal hydraulic power unit.
3. Electromechanical electric retractable driveway bollard: The motor integrated into each bollard lifts it.

The advantages of automatic rising bollard
1. withstand heavy impact, efficiently direct traffic, and prevent unauthorized access
2. 100% duty rating – automatic bollards are made to be used frequently and continuously.
3. combines the highest level of perimeter control with attractive aesthetics
4. A buzzer, traffic lights, an LED on the obstacle, or synchronization with a rising barrier can all be used to signal the action.
5. Can be initiated by any signaling or access control system
6. The obstacle can be lowered manually on the hydraulic pump in the event of a power outage.
7. Long life cycles with little power consumption
8. a security bollard with a hydraulic pump built for easy installation and greater dependability

Applications of automatic rising bollard
Pedestrian zones
lanes for buses and taxis
Access roads to areas (industry and commerce)
Inner courtyards with delivery traffic
Stations, stadiums, post offices, shopping centersEmbassies, airports, high-profile buildings

Automatic Rising Driveway Bollard