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What is a car park barrier?

Car Park Barrier

What is a car park barrier?

A car park barrier, also known as automatic vehicle barriers or electric rising arm barriers, is used to restrict vehicle access, letting authorized vehicles in while keeping out unwelcome ones. It is the perfect vehicle access control solution for industrial and commercial areas and condominium complexes. A parking barrier gate consists of a boom, a control unit, and a drive motor. The drive motor moves the boom up and down in response to unit control orders, and the boom acts as a barrier that prevents vehicles from passing. The control unit serves as the main command center and processes signals from access control devices.

How does a car park barrier work?

A car park barrier integrated with intelligent access control systems enables permitted vehicles to enter with the use of valid credentials like cards and barcode tickets. In general, a safety device such as a vehicle detector or an IR sensor detects a vehicle approaches, a parking management system issues a card or barcode ticket, and the automated car park barrier automatically opens to let the vehicle in. The parking management system takes the card or barcode ticket upon leaving and releases the vehicle. ANPR cameras, which cleverly recognize license plates and provide entry using CCTV-style cameras, are being more extensively used. In the event of a power outage, lifting the boom manually just requires a little force.

The benefits of car park barrier

Today, car park barriers can be used almost anywhere, they are a useful addition to any property to add a layer of security.
Denying unauthorized parking: Only clients with valid credentials are allowed to enter the parking lot.
Preventing overfilling: automatic parking barriers will determine how many cars are in the lot at any given time and only permit the entry of more vehicles if there is space.
Speed of entering and exiting and convenience: Customers spend substantially less time waiting in lines to enter or exit due to the convenience and speed of the facility. It adds up to a smooth and positive experience.
Cost-saving:  Because the parking barrier gate is unmanned, the cost of hiring security personnel is reduced.
Security: all the vehicles are managed under surveillance when entering and exiting, in a security situation.

The Integration with other systems
In practice, car park barriers and integrated access control solutions are always linked with other systems and software outside of security. For example, most organizations or businesses may connect the HR system to the entry control point at the barrier, enabling them to monitor time attendance and efficiently manage their workers. To give clients and internal personnel precise departure and arrival times, logistics businesses may connect their barriers with their logistics or ERP system.

What advantages of our car park barrier?
1. Use a DC24V digital brushless motor, which is safer to use, has lower noise levels, a lower calorific value, and saves energy.
2. The barrier boom’s operational status is continuously monitored, enabling high-precision state management and adjustment.
3. The barrier boom rebounds when it hits an obstruction while running, successfully preventing crushing.
4. The speed of 0.6–6 seconds can be adjusted to meet the requirements of a variety of applications.
5. The mechanic structure has been made simpler, which lowers maintenance expenses.
6. Much simpler to troubleshoot by only modifying the parameters from the control board.
7. 4.5 million times longer average lifespan