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What is a car park barrier?

Car Park Barrier - Automatic Vehicle Barrier - Automatic Road Barriers

What is a car park barrier?
Car park barrier, also called automatic vehicle barrier or electric rising arm barrier, is designed to restrict access for vehicles, keeping out unwanted vehicles and letting authorized vehicles in, providing an ideal vehicle access control solution for condominium areas and industrial and commercial areas. Carpark barrier consists of a boom, a control unit, and a drive motor. The boom is the barrier that prevents vehicles from passing, the control unit is the main command center which process the signal from access control device and operates accordingly, and the drive motor drives the boom rising up/falling down after receiving the order of unit control.

How does a car park barrier works?
Car park barrier works with intelligent access control systems which allow authorized vehicles access by valid credentials such as card, barcode tickets. In general, when vehicle approaches and the safety device such us vehichle detector, IR sendor detects the vehicle, parking management system distributes a card or barcode ticket and automated car park barrier auto openes to allow the vehicle access. When exit, the parking management system collects the card or barcode ticket and let the vehicle leave. Nowadays, ANPR cameras are more widely applicated which use CCTV-style cameras to cleverly detect number plates and allow access. In case of power failure, the boom is easy to be rised up manually with slight force.

Benefits of Car park barrier
Today, car park barrier can be used almost anywhere, they are an useful addition to any property to add an additional layer of security.
Denying unauthorised parking: only customers who are authorized can enter the car park
Preventing overfilling: automatic car park barriers will calculate how many cars are in the car park at any one time and only allow in additional cars if there is space.
Speed of entering and exiting and convenience: customers spend much less time queueing to enter or exit. It adds up to a smooth and positive experience.
Cost-saving:  car park barrier gate runs in an unmanned way, which means lowering the cost of employing staff.
Security: all the vehicles are managed under surveillance when enter and exit, in security situation.

Integration with other systems
In practise, car park barrier  and integrated access control solution are always linked with other systems and software outside of security. For example, most of companies or businesses may link the access control point at the barrier to the HR system, by which they are allowed to more closely monitor time attendance and effectively manage their staffs. For logistics enterprises, they might link their barriers with their logistics or ERP system to provide customers and internal staffs with accurate departure and expected arrival times.

What advantages of our car park barrier?
1. use DC24V digital brushless motor which features lower noise, lower calorific value, energy-saving and environmental protection, safer use.
2. The operating state of the barrier boom is detected all-round, which can realize high-precision state adjustment and control.
3. During running, the barrie boom rebounds when encounters obstacles, which can effectively prevent smashing.
4. The speed of 0.6~6 seconds adjustable, which meet the needs of wide applications
5. The mechanic structure is simplified which reduce the maintenance costs.
6. Much easier to debug by simply adjust the parameters directly from control board
7. Longer life span of 4.5 million times