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Walk Through Metal Detector JDWTMD-4

Product Name:Walk Through Metal Detector JDWTMD-4

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    Walk through metal detector JDWTMD-4 is used to check hidden items before the passengers enter into secured areas such as airport, high-speed railway station, public building, it immediately alarms and display alarm location if passengers carry metal items more than the preset parameter values. As global advanced electromagnetic compatibility design and anti-seismic design are employed, the walk through metal detector has good performance of electromagnetic interference resistance and anti-seismi.

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1. Accurate Positioning: 24 overlapping network detection zone, bilateral transmit and receive, can be accurately positioned to detect objects, intuitive display of the target location.
2. High sensitivity detection: the metal items with weight over 150g can be detected, eg. copper, aluminum, zinc and other metals, controls tools and guns, etc.
3. Sensitivity Adjustable: each detection zone has 256 sensitivity levels (0 ~ 255). Preset metal size, you can exclude the coins, keys, jewelry, belt buckle etc.
4. Digital Pulse Technology: digital signal processing and filtering system, has excellent anti-interference ability.
5. Password Protection: only the correct password can change the sensitivity and other parameters.
6. Count Statistics: pass count and alarm count.
7. Harmless to human body: harmless to heart pacemaker, pregnant women, magnetic floppy disk, recording tapes etc.

Application areas

Correctional Facilities
Public Buildings
Private Buildings
Special Events
Loss Prevention
Nuclear Facilities
Transportation Terminals
Corporate Security
Historical Landmarks


 Power Supply  AC 90V~AC260V, 50/60Hz
 Power Consumption  25W
 Detection Zone  24 distinct zones
 Sensitivity  0~255 levels adjustable
 Alarms  audible tone & bright LED
 Display Panel  LCD dispplay
 Color  White/ light gray/ dark gray (customizable)
 Working Temperature  -20°C~45°C
 N.W / G.W  65 kgs / 75 kgs
 Standard external size  2220 X 820 X 610mm
 Standard internal size  2200 X 720 X 610mm

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