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Archway Walk Through Metal Detector JDWTMD-3 & JDWTMD-4

Product Name:Archway Walk Through Metal Detector JDWTMD-3 & JDWTMD-4

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    Archway walk through metal detector JDWTMD-1 & JDWTMD-2 use multi-channel technology combined with powerful processing capacity, which allows for fast collection of information from multiple metal items passing through simultaneously. The sensitivity of each zone can be set separately to get uniform sensitivity at each zone. Built-in high and low sensitivity programs for quick and easy adjustment, all probe program parameters can be set and modified at any time. And the highly integrated LCD screen shows the location of the detected items when they pass through the security detector.

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Archway walk through metal detector, door frame metal detector, airport walk through metal detector provides superior detection and fast throughput


Archway Walk Through Metal Detector Features

1. Easy to install & operate
2. Fast, accurate alarm resolution with a 2D location
3. Exceptional Immunity to external interference
4. Protected against aging, weather and wear
5. Ergonomic and robust design
6. High discrimination and transit flow rates
7. Built-in operational functional verification
8. High detection speed
9. Quick reset time for high throughput rate
10.Highly adaptable for installation in all environments

Archway Walk Through Metal Detector Applications

Distribution depots
Court houses
City halls

Archway Walk Through Metal Detector Parameters

           Item JDWTMD-3 JDWTMD-4
 Power Supply AC 90V~AC260V, 50/60Hz
 Power Consumption 25W
 Detection Zone 8 distinct zones 24 distinct zones
  Sensitivity 0~255 levels adjustable
 Alarms audible tone & bright LED
 Display Panel LCD dispplay
 Color White/ light gray/ dark gray (customizable)
 Working Temperature  -20°C~45°C
  N.W / G.W 65 kgs / 75 kgs
 Standard external size 2220 X 820 X 610mm
 Standard internal size 2200 X 720 X 610mm


Archway Walk Through Metal Detector Design

Security Archway Walk Through Metal Detector - Multizone Door Frame Metal Detector - Entrance Control Solutions

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