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Toll Gate JDTG-5

Product Name:Toll Gate JDTG-5

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    Toll Gate JDTG-5 is designed for highly frequented applications. As an ideal solution for controlling access to unauthorized areas, it offers long term reliability, efficient and smooth consistent operation. DC permanent magnet synchronous motor(PMSM), servo control applied, it works well in abominable environment, meanwhile, it offers wide integrated performance to be compatible with any type of access control systems.

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1. DC permanent magnet synchronous motor(PMSM), servo control.
2. The motor features high control precision, high torque density, good torque balance, low power consumption, high efficiency, less heat and low noise.
3. Bi-direction boom holder design: left-installation and right-installation can be exchanged easily and quickly.
4. Manual clutch design: more convenient to unclck or lock the motor when power off.
5. Two tension spring crank transmission design, for more stable and reliable structure.
6. Free of limit switch, accurate encoder detection, auto self-test when power on. And open/close speed is adjustable.
7. More sensitive and reacting faster when reversing on obstacles.
8. LCD display controller, more humanized operation and setting.
9. Integrated RS485 communcation, RJ45 network, infrared photocell, loop detector interface, radar module and more secondary development.


 Power Supply  AC 220V±10% / AC110V±10% , 50/60Hz
 Max Motor Power  150W
 Max Motor Speed  36r/min
 Max Torque  240N.m
 Motor Type  DC permanent magnet synchronous motor
 Speed & Boom Type  1.2~ 2.0 seconds   3~4 meter straight boom
 3.0~ 4.0 seconds   4~4.5 meter straight boom
 5.0~6.0 seconds   4.5~6 meter straight boom
 IP Rate  IP54
 Life Span  ≧5 million times
 Duty Cycle  100%
 MTBF  1000000 times
 Working Temperature  -35°C~+85°C, Relative humidity:≤90%, no condensation

System Diagram

Left & Right type barrier gate

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