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Toll Gate JDTG-4

Product Name:Toll Gate JDTG-4

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    Toll Gate JDTG-4 is designed for highly frequented applications. As an ideal solution for controlling access to unauthorized areas, it offers long term reliability, efficient and smooth consistent operation. Maintenance-free torque motor and microcomputer control technology applied, it works well in abominable environment, meanwhile, it offers wide integrated performance to be compatible with any type of access control systems.

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1. Motor and gearbox housed in fully sealed, protective aluminium housing
2. Compatible with all types of access control system
3. Smooth fast operation time without jumping and silent
4. Life cycle is up to 5 million times
5. Support vehicle detector, photocell and other safety device to protect vehicle/ pedestrian
6. Boom snap off mechanism enable the boom to swing away from the boom holder when hitting an obstacle to reduce the loss
7. The controller is accessible after open door and motor and other parts are underneath the cover, easy to debug, install and maintenance
8. Maintenance-free technology employed, extremely low operational costs
9. Auto open when power failure


Parking lot
Governmental institutions
Bus terminal
Shopping mall
Commercial area
Residential community


 Power Supply  AC220V/ AC110V±10%, 50/60hZ
 Motor Type  torque motor
 Rated Power  80W
 Rated Torque  10 r/min
 Open/close Time  3.2 seconds
 Boom Length  Max 4.5 meters straight boom
 Vehicle Detector  Support
 IR Sensor  Support
 Life Cycle  ≧5 million times
 Noise  ≦60dB
 Error Action  ≦0.01%
 Wrok Temperature  -40℃~­80℃, Relative humidity:≤90%, no condensation
 N.W / G.W  60 kgs / 75 kgs

System Diagram

Left & Right type barrier gate

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