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Electric Security Bollard JDBRD-1

Product Name:Electric Security Bollard JDBRD-1

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    Electric security bollard JDBRD-1, well known as automatic rising bollard or automatic rectractable traffic bollard, adopts electro-hydraulic mechanism to actuate a smooth and efficient movement, provideing automated heavy-duty vehicle access control and protection against ram-raiding, enabling it to be a perfect security solution for securing wide perimeter entrances. Electric security bollard JDBRD-1 is designed to withstand a higher usage and physical impact than standard bollards, whilst still maintaining the same unobtrusive aesthetic to fit in with local surroundings, and widely used at critical facilities like embassies, ministries and military bases.

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Electric security bollard, hydraulic rising bollard, hydraulic automatic traffic bollard is designed to protect premises and for use in traffic control in both private and public areas

1. The obstacle can be lowered by a manual operation directly on the hydraulic pump in case of power failure
2. The bollard finishing is available in painted steel and in brush stainless steel
3. The control unit is housed in a cabinet which could be up to 80m remote
4. Easy underground pit laying and limited excavation
5. Sleek design and pleasing aesthetics
6. High duty cycle, ensuring lasting performace and intensive use
7. Quick and easy to install because the foundation box can be assembled on site
8. Long service life
9. Integrated hydraulic unit
10. Equipped with anti-vandal function, which detects a forced command, to reset the bollard and activate an alarm

Military installations
Railway stations
Bus stations,
Oil & gas refineries


 System Control  Electric hydraulic drive
 Power Supply  AC220V/ AC110V±10%, 50/60hZ (control voltage DC24V)
 Material  #304 stainess steel ( #201, #304, #316 stainless steel optional)
 Diameter  φ168mm, φ219mm, φ273mmoptional
 Thickness  6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm optional
 Box Round Diameter  φ370mm. Height: 990mm
 Through Pressure  Bearing over 80 ton container truck
 Outside Bollard Height  600mm
 Remote Control Range  ≤ 30 meters
 System Power  3.7 KW
 Rising Time  ≤3~5 seconds (adjustable)
 Falling Time  ≤ 3 seconds (adjustable)
 Working Temperature  -35ºC~75ºC
 Storage Temperature  -10ºC~65ºC, anti-rain, anti-dust, anti-moisture


Electric Security Bollard Design

Electric Security Bollard - Electric Driveway Bollard - Electric Retractable Bollard

Electric Security Bollard Project Case

Electric Security Bollard - Electric Parking Bollard - electric retractable driveway bollards

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