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Parking Barrier Gate JDDZ-12

Product Name:Parking Barrier Gate JDDZ-12

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    Parking barrier gate JDDZ-12 prevents unauthorized vehicles’ access into a specific property and control the traffic overflow by lowering its barrier arm which can be straight or articulated or fence type. It comes with a 24V DC brushless motor which lifts the barrier arm through a sinusoidal level system which allows the barrier arm to be locked in both up and down position. The gate barrier system automatically rise up to allow authorized vehicles entry after valid credential verified and automatically close until vehicles leave. In addition, car park barrier system JDDZ-12 can be customized to fit the specific needs of a facility, such as adding a card reader or intercom system for added security.

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0.8 ~3 seconds adjustable parking barrier gate, car park barrier system, automatic barrier system equipped with reliable DC24V brushless motor


Parking Barrier Gate Features

1. Low maintenance
2. Long-term durability
3. Variable speeds
4. Auto reverse feature in case an object has been hit
5. User-friendly and optimum accessibility
6. Accurate and safe system operation
7. Secure operation with safety devices
8. Elector-mechanical drive unit
9. Adaptable to site conditions
10. Red/green illuminated panels on gate

Parking Barrier Gate Applications

Commercial building
Industrial infrastructures
Corporate offices
Residential Estates
Amusement parks

Parking Barrier Gate Parameters

 Power Supply  AC220V/ AC110V±10%, 50/60hZ
 Rated Power  100W
 Motor Type  DC 24V brushless digital motor
 Motor Speed  1500RPM
 Boom Type & Length  Max 4 meters straight boom
 Open Time  0.8~3 seconds adjustable
 Noise  ≤60dB
 Error Action  ≤0.001%
 Interfaces  IR sensor, vehicle detector, open/ close/stop
 Life Cycle  4.5 million times
 Work Temperature  -35℃~60℃, Relative humidity:≤90%, no condensation
 Dimension  330*263*1000MM


Parking Barrier Gate Design

Automatic Traffic Barrier -Automatic Car Park Barrier - Vehicle Barrier Gate

Parking Barrier Gate Mechanism

Automatic Traffic Barrier Mechanism - Automatic Parking Barrier - Parking Solutions

Parking Barrier Gate System Diagram

Automatic Traffic Barrier System - Smart Parking Barrier - Barrier Arm Solution

The types of Parking Barrier Gate

Automatic Traffic Barrier - Vehicle Barrier Gate - Automatic Boom Barrier Supplier

Project Cases for Parking Barrier Gate

Automatic Traffic Barrier - Car Park Barrier System -Car Parking Barrier Price

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