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Barrier Gate JDDZ-12

Product Name:Barrier Gate JDDZ-12

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    Digital brushless barrier gate JDDZ-12 adopts updated DC 24V digital motor and control technology which provide fast, safe, smooth and low power consumption operation, and easy and convenient to debug and install. The UV-resistant and environmental-friendly powder coating finish of the compact housing has amazing performance of protection against corrosion. Because of the dust-proof, rainproof and rustproof housing design, it is suitable for indoor and out door use.

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1. Auto open to keep the passage unimpeded when power failure or emergency
2. Anti-collision structure (optional) to make boom jump out from boom holder and rotate 90°
3. Boom jumps back if obstacle on the way when falling down
4. The motor keeps cool when working to avoid any mechanic failure caused by overheat .
5. Digital control technology, easy to use and debug.
6. The speed is adjustable from 0.8 to 3 seconds for meet different applications.
7. Wide integration provided to be integrated with any type of access control systems.
8. Traffic indicator and LED light are fixed on the cover and door, which is not only nice in design, but also helpful to prompt the driver in the evening or rainy days.
9. Support vehicle detector, photocell and other safety device
10. Long life cycle up to 4.5 million times.


Parking lot
Railway stations
Bus stations
Residential community


 Power Supply  AC220V/ AC110V±10%, 50/60hZ
 Rated Power  100W
 Motor Type  DC 24V brushless digital motor
 Motor Speed  1500RPM
 Boom Type & Length  Max 4 meters straight boom
 Open Time  0.8~3 seconds adjustable
 Noise  ≤60dB
 Error Action  ≤0.001%
 Interfaces  IR sensor, vehicle detector, open/ close/stop
 Life Cycle  ≥4.5 million times
 Work Temperature  -35℃~60℃, Relative humidity:≤90%, no condensation
 Dimension  330*263*1000MM

System Diagram

Left & Right type barrier gate

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