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DC24V brushless motor automatic barrier system succeed in Brazil expressway testing

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Our 4.5 million times 0.6~6 seconds adjustable automatic barrier syste JDDZ-8 is proven to be reliable and durable vehicle access control equipment after nearly 1 year testing on Brazil expressway.

Automated barrier system JDDZ-8, a perfect vehicle access control solution for controlling the entrance and exit from guarding car parks, entrances, restricted areas, checkpoints, or any other kind of exit/entry point, controlling road traffic in both directions, is designed with high safety and reliablility, featuring a smooth operation and precise speed control.

Made of powder-coated steel and designed to be resistant to all weather conditions, rising arm barrier JDDZ-8 offers long-term reliability, efficient operation, and durability.It adopts the energy saving DC 24V brushless motor/gearbox assembly incorporates a planetary gearing system with sinusoidal movement for a soft start and soft stop action, efficiently using minimal energy to operate when accelerating and decelerating, that results in a smooth elevation or lowering of the barrier arm. It offers multiple inputs/outputs, open/close speed selection & auto-reverse upon obstruction. Red/green illuminated panels provide additional stop/go guidance to drivers.Such smart automatic traffic barrier usually work together with Safety loop detector wiring system which is installed under the gate-arm in order to prevent the gate-arm from accidentally coming down on a vehicle. In the event of a power failure or emergency, there is a lever with the cabinet to manually raise or lower the barrier.

Parking Barrier Gate JDDZ-8 can be equipped with a variety of control devices, flanges and barrier booms. All barrier boom types can be provided with the optional swing-away flange. when arm hit slightly, arm will break away & can be re-installed, which protects the barrier boom and the drive unit.

Car barrier system JDDZ-8 open or close within 0.6~6 seconds which can be customized to meet different applications, is ideal traffic control solution for customers who care for enhanced security of their premises or property and for whom the vehicle access control is crucial.  No matter, whether you are currently working on a smaller project, large-scale investment or traffic management in your municipal quarters.

The Mechanism of automatic barrier system

The mechanism of automatic barrier system

Multifunction Controller
24VDC Brushless brushless motor with planetary gear
100% Duty Cycle
Speed 0.6 sec ~ to 6 sec depending on the settings
LED Light interface logic
Auto reverse feature in case an object has been hit
Manual emergency release
Long-term durability
Smooth and efficient operation
Red/green illuminated panels on gate.
Possibility of integration with other systems

Power Supply: AC220V/ AC110V±10%, 50/60hZ
Rated Power: 140W
Motor Type: DC 24V brushless digital motor
Motor Speed: 1500RPM
Open Time: 0.6 ~ 6 seconds adjustable
Interfaces: IR sensor, vehicle detector, RS485, open/ close/stop
Output: Relay output, max AC240V, 5A bearable
Life Cycle: 4.5 million times